DIYC sailors, please mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 11, at 7 p.m. DIYC has arranged with North U to give a custom racing webinar designed just for us. This webinar is intended for our Fast Sailors, their crews, and indeed anyone with any interest in sailboat racing, whether in our Fast Sails or in the Lake Champlain Championship Series. 

North U is the training division of North Sails, long one of the world’s leading sailmakers. The company’s experts have been offering sailing instruction and seminars since 1980.

The webinar will concentrate on general racing rules, with an emphasis on starts and mark roundings. If you’ve ever found yourself intimidated on the line in the Diamond Island Regatta, or wondered what does or doesn’t constitute barging, or who has the right of way approaching a mark, OR, if you know the answers to all of those questions but want to gain a better advantage at the start, then this webinar is for you! 

In addition to covering the rules and starting strategies there will be ample opportunity for plenty of member questions and answers. You won’t be sharing the webinar with 200 other folks; you’ll be in a comfortable group of friends and friends-to-be.

Also, the webinar will be recorded and available to review for at least several months.

This seminar will be a big help for those who are new to traditional starts and will be a great refresher for those old salts who want to improve their starting techniques. 

North U is doing this webinar for DIYC for a flat fee. We are charging members $25, but the club will be underwriting a good portion of the cost. North U webinars typically cost $95 per person, so the club is creating a great opportunity for members to get more personalized training at a significant price advantage. 

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity! Please sign up now using the form below.

Questions? Contact Fast Sail captain Pat Furr: 

North U Sailing Webinar

Join us for a session on starts and more with North Sails experts