This is your invitation to join the Diamond Island Yacht Club where members are united by a love of boating and Lake Champlain.

All boaters can find a home here. We have members with little boats and big boats, powerboats and sailboats, and even no boats; members who live year round in Vermont or just come for the summer; members who grew up boating or who just bought their first boat. New boaters will find our members very willing to lend support and teach new skills.

You’ll be joining a welcoming, casual, supportive and fun-loving group of boaters, comprised of families, couples and singles of all ages who enjoy getting together for social activities, boating education, cruising, racing, rafting up and generally enjoying anything having to do with boats. Our mission is to enhance our members’ fun on the lake, first by helping them stay safe through educational activities. Activities both on shore and on the water provide opportunities to meet other boaters, exchange knowledge and have a great time.

We have about 130 members, with a quarter being power boaters and the remainder sailors. Boats range in length from 14 to 44 feet and our members include everyone from day boaters to long range cruisers. Most members keep their boats at or near Point Bay Marina, but other home ports range from the Champlain Bridge to the Lake Champlain Islands. Our dues are affordable by any boater. For nearly all, this will be one of your smallest boating expenses with one of the biggest payoffs.

To join Diamond Island Yacht Club for the 2024 season, complete the application form below, which works for both new and renewing members. Annual dues are $80 if paid before March 1; thereafter, dues increase to $90.

DIYC Volunteerism

DIYC succeeds because of our members’ willingness to help coordinate and run club events and take care of our facilities. Volunteering enriches your DIYC experience as you make new friends and feel more connected to the club. As you join this year, we ask you to choose the activities or events you want to help with. You can use the club calendar and the list of full descriptions for each of the available selections — see links below — to find what best fits your plans. Note that we will remove opportunities as options when they fill up, so join early to make sure you get your first choice! Members also have a chance to volunteer for a second interest. This is great for the Captain who has more than one interest or the Co-captain who has a different interest. After joining you’ll be asked to volunteer for a specific task. Many are very small, taking less than an hour of your time.

You’ll note that the Chicken BBQ and Diamond Island Regatta volunteer opportunities are listed first this year. These are the most complicated and most rewarding events of the year. Please help us make sure these are fully staffed in 2024!

Thanks in advance for your active participation in DIYC! Click on the links below to find out more about the various opportunities.

Chicken Barbecue & Vessel Christening | Diamond Island Regatta & Split Rock Race | Lobster Fest Dinner | DIR Fundraising | Saturday Morning Coffees | Fast Sail Series | Educational Activities | Open Boats & Vessel Safety Check | Cruise Week | Cruise/Destination Weekends | Cidertini Challenge & Celebration | Spring Work Day/Tent Raising | Fall Work Day/Tent Takedown | Anywhere I Can Help

Diamond Island Yacht Club

Membership for 2024

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2024 Event & Committee Descriptions

Chicken Barbecue & Vessel Christening | Diamond Island Regatta & Split Rock Race | Lobster Fest Dinner | DIR Fundraising | Saturday Morning Coffees | Fast Sail Series | Educational Activities | Open Boats & Vessel Safety Check | Cruise Week | Cruise/Destination Weekends | Cidertini Challenge Race & Cidertini Celebration | Spring Work Day/Tent Raising | Fall Work Day/Tent Takedown | Anywhere I Can Help

When you join the club, we request you pick at least one event or committee you’re interested in helping with (described below, including number of volunteers needed and the dates). By late this winter we will have detailed volunteer slots posted on iVolunteer and we will start emailing invites for you to volunteer for specific slots in the events or committees you selected.

There will be a broad variety of tasks all the way from a half-hour serving dessert at the DIR to picking up Lobsters at Ray’s Seafood in Essex Junction, so plenty of variety for you to choose from to match your locale and availability. We are breaking these down into as many small tasks as possible so no one has to miss out on enjoying the event even while they are contributing to the success of the event! Many hands make light work!

Chicken BBQ & Vessel Christening (need 20 volunteers; June 22)

This is one of our biggest signature events and always sells out. The volunteer work involves tasks such as: picking up supplies and food; setting up; cleaning up; serving (in shifts); doing advertising; and monitoring signups. These many small tasks together make for a great evening everyone can enjoy even if they are volunteering! So if you plan to attend for the chicken and socializing, add to the fun by volunteering. The Vessel Christening ceremony, performed by the Commodore for boats receiving new names happens just before the BBQ. Involves Champagne! The goal is to create a “party atmosphere” for the whole afternoon and evening to make the work of barbecuing 105 half chickens fun for all!

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Diamond Island Regatta Weekend, August 10-11

This is a complex weekend with two Lake Champlain Championship Series Races on Saturday and Sunday, a Lobster Fest dinner for DIYC members and the racing crews from other clubs. We run the weekend as a fund raiser for the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. For the last several years this has resulted in a $2,000 donation. For this year we’ve divided the tasks into three groups:

Diamond Island and Split Rock Races (need 16 volunteers)

The DIR and SR Races are two of the best attended events in the season-long Lake Champlain Championship Series. As hosts, we provide a committee boat, mark boat, and photographer boat. Other tasks include: cleaning and maintaining the mark buoys: Bum boat or dinghy for visiting racers anchored or mooring: registering racers; putting together race packets; and scoring the race! All opportunities to get a great vantage point for the races while helping out.

Lobster Fest Dinner (16 volunteers)

Like the Chicken BBQ, this is a big event but in this case we don’t do any of the cooking. The dinner is held Saturday evening following the Diamond Island Race. It will be sold out with DIYC members and visiting crews attending. It’s part of making the DIR the most popular regatta on Lake Champlain. Volunteer tasks range from picking up food and supplies, manning the check-in n tables, working a shift as a server, helping with set-up and clean-up, and finally disposal of trash and recycling. Volunteering won’t make you miss dinner or eat a cold lobster!

DIR Fund-Raising (10 volunteers)

The final piece of putting the DIR weekend together. This team has a fund-raising function. Every year DIYC donates the money raised during the weekend to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Before DIR weekend, volunteers will help with designing & procuring DIR T-shirts, soliciting donations for raffle prizes and organizing the post-race happy hour. Other tasks include arranging for a presentation by LCMM, setting up the AV equipment, selling raffle tickets, arranging entertainment (live or recorded music) and picking up a keg of beer.

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Saturday Morning Coffees (22 volunteers; all season)

Coffees are an easy two- or three-hour commitment and involve making coffee (all supplies are in A-Frame) putting out utensils/goodies/name tags, and cleaning up after. This is a very mellow social event and an opportunity to meet new people (anyone is invited). You can volunteer for just one morning coffee or as many as you want. If you don’t have time to do the full shift, simply bringing a goodie to drop off helps! This group also puts on the Commodore’s Breakfast and the DIR Breakfast. These are a bit more elaborate and provide an opportunity for volunteers to prepare hot dishes.

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Fast Sail Series (4 volunteers; all season)

The DIYC Fast Sails are a very popular racing event and unique on the lake as we have a “soft” starting window that avoids the most terrifying part of sailboat racing: the classic windward start. This makes it easier not only for beginner racers, but also for the Fast Sail race crew. Volunteering means that you will help monitor the start window, monitor the start line, help collect elapsed times from participants and score the races. We need volunteers to help out especially when the Fast Sail Captain can’t be there for a race.

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Educational Activities (Committee) (4 volunteers; all season)


Education to promote safe boating is an important part of our mission. Safe operation, maintaining our boats to keep them safe and predicting weather to avoid being out in unsafe conditions are all fair game. If you are interested in helping organize training events or have a skill you’d like to share this is a great place to help out. 

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Open Boats, June 1, and Vessel Safety Check, June 8 (6 volunteers)


These two events happen early in the season. Open Boats on June 1 is a fun event where members agree to open their boats to the public. It’s a great recruiting opportunity for DIYC and a fun event for our member participants. Vessel Safety Check day, June 8 this year, is an opportunity for members and Point Bay Marina customers to get a free Coast Guard inspection without any downside risk. Volunteers for both events help coordinate with PBM, develop messaging to market the events, monitor signups, help on the docks during the event and make sure all have a good time.

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Cruise Week (5 volunteers; July 26-August 4)


The annual DIYC Cruise Week is another signature event and a chance for power boaters and sailors to share and explore the great anchorages and marinas of our wonderful lake! Some of the tasks and roles: helping to develop a theme for the week; planning the route and destinations; reserving docks at destination marinas; making adjustments for weather; and coordinating fun events like pot-luck meals, dinghy races and scavenger hunts. Volunteers should plan to participate in at least a portion of the Cruise Week.

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Cruise/Destination Weekends (5 weekends) (5 volunteers; all season)

We have two destination weekends (Westport and Burlington) that are combined with fast sails, and three cruise weekends. Volunteers will help a Board member with one of these five events. Tasks include advertising the events to members, coordinating with Westport and Burlington marinas, coordinating with the Fast Sail Captain, selecting destinations, and coming up with creative ideas to make cruise weekends as much fun as Cruise Week has been for years. Volunteers should plan to participate and enjoy the event they sign up for.

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Cidertini Race and Celebration (10 volunteers; September 21)

This is a nice mellow after party for the final race of the season the Cidertini. A nice friendly race with fierce competition and great camaraderie after. All members are invited to attend the party after the race. What can be easier than mixing drinks, making treats, and trading yarns with fellow boaters on a fall afternoon?

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Spring Work Day, Tent Raising (14 volunteers; May 18)


Always a fun event and a great kickoff to the season. Although strength is needed for some things, there is plenty to do that doesn’t require muscle including: cleaning the A-Frame, bringing treats and/or coffee, tidying up after. Typically takes an hour or two, so there’s plenty of time to socialize!

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Fall Work Day, Tent Take Down (16 volunteers; October 12)


Always a sad yet fun event marking the very end of the season (except for the Change of Watch Dinner!). Although strength is needed for some things, there is plenty to do that doesn’t require muscle including: winterizing the A-Frame, bringing treats and/or coffee, tidying up after, and trucking the tent to its storage location. We are looking for one person to volunteer to “learn the ropes” of tent dousing so we have a pool of people that can be a tent captain in subsequent years.

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Anywhere I Can Help

If you don’t know when or what you can volunteer for right now, select this option and we will fit you in as the season approaches. Be forewarned: You will be getting email invites to volunteer for every event this spring and summer (at least until you’ve volunteered!).

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