Consider this your invitation to become a member of our unique boating community located at the heart of Lake Champlain. Becoming a member of Diamond Island Yacht Club tells the story of who we are. Everyone is welcome. Members include sailors and power boaters; racers, day boaters and cruisers. Most members keep their boats at Point Bay Marina, home of DIYC, but we have many members who moor elsewhere on the lake. There is no formal selection process. You pay your annual dues, pick a team to become involved with, and enjoy all the benefits of membership in our relaxed atmosphere.

To join Diamond Island Yacht Club for the 2022 season, complete the application form below, which works for both new and returning members. Annual dues are $70 if paid before March 1; thereafter, dues increase to $80.

About DIYC Teams

DIYC succeeds because of our members’ willingness to help organize and run club events and take care of our facilities. We organize all our activities by teams. As you join this year, we’re asking you to indicate the team you’re most interested in helping.

Each team will have opportunities for members to volunteer. These opportunities will range from significant roles leading an event to simply helping to set up for or cleanup after an event—a commitment of just a few minutes. All roles, regardless of size, are important and valued by our membership. When you sign up for a team, you’ll be contacted and asked to sign up for at least one of many specific volunteer opportunities.

We ask all members to select a team when they fill out their membership form, below. Click on any of these team names to find out more about that team’s responsibilities:

Activities / Events / Cruise / Race / Education / Facilities

Thanks in advance for your active participation in DIYC.

Diamond Island Yacht Club

Membership Form for 2022


DIYC Team Info

Activities Team

  • Overview: Organize and assist at social events. These are smaller events that don’t require significant advance planning or ticket sales. Many are recurring events where a volunteer of two are required for each occurrence.
  • Responsible for:
    • Saturday morning breakfasts: Most are held before Fast Sails. Requires picking up donuts or bagels, making coffee and cleanup.
    • Cidertini Challenge: An afternoon celebration with libations.
    • Pub Nights: Held monthly through the winter. Volunteers arrange for a pub and put a note in Tell Tales to market each event.
    • Ski Meet-Up.
  • Board of Directors contact: Mary Anne Michaels & Suzanne Magee

Events Team

  • Overview: Organize and help out at the signature club events. This includes marketing (Tell Tales articles), planning and ordering food, setting prices, food pickup, set-up, check-in, serving and clean-up at each event.  Templates are in place from prior years to guide planning.
  • Responsible for these events:
    • Chicken BBQ
    • Diamond Island Regatta Lobster Fest
    • Change of Watch Dinner
    • Mid-Winter Raft-up
  • Board of Directors contact: Angela Santavicca

Cruise Team

  • Overview: Organize events for members to travel together to various destinations on the lake, from a week long Cruise Week to weekend meet-ups around the lake. Encourage on the water socialization for DIYC members.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Organize Cruise Week, the club’s signature cruising event. Several volunteers work together to plan the week and take responsibility for activities planned during the week.
    • Organize cruise weekends. These are often planned last minute once weekend weather is known and communicated through Slack.
    • Manage the DIYC Slack workspace. This app is used to facilitate impromptu meet-ups on the lake and for communication of other cruise team events.
  • Board of Directors contact: Charlie Hillman

Race Team

  • Overview: Assist with DIYC sailboat races including Fast Sails, the Diamond Island Regatta and the Cidertini Challenge race. Serve as race committee for a race, help with scoring, set and maintain marks.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Plan, conduct and score the DIYC Fast Sail series and the Cidertini Challenge. It’s expected that there will be a different team member performing race committee duties for each race.
    • Plan and conduct the two Lake Champlain Championship Series races hosted by DIYC. These are the Diamond Island and Split Rock Races.
    • Plan and conduct the fund raising activities associated with the DIR weekend including raffle, post-race beer, etc. The money raised is donated to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.
  • Board of Directors contact: Jim Moody

Education Team

  • Overview: Provide opportunities for the members to expand their knowledge of boating, boating safety and the environmental issues and policies affecting our lake. Manage the intra-club communications such as Tell Tales. Educate potential members on the benefits of becoming a DIYC member.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Organize educational opportunities for members taking advantage of other DIYC gatherings for topics of general interest. Members are often the source of knowledge for these events.
    • Organize the Open Boats and Vessel Inspection events.
    • Develop a brochure to attract potential members.
  • Board of Directors contact: David Morris

Facilities Team

  • Overview: Take care of and enhance the physical assets of the club including the tent, shed, A-frame kitchen and moorings. A goal of the team is to develop a couple of “stewards” for moorings and the tent. These steward roles are multi-year roles to develop expertise to guide tent raising and take-down processes and mooring planning and maintenance.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Arrange and help at the spring tent raising event where the tent goes up and our on-shore facilities are cleaned and prepared for the season.
    • Arrange and help at fall tent take-down event where all on-shore equipment is put away for the season.
    • Manage mooring inspection, maintenance and planning. Direct the effort of our mooring service provider.
    • Investigate and fix minor issues with moorings like missing/broken pickup buoys; it helps to have someone involved who has access to a small boat.
  • Board of Directors contact: Fritz Martin