Sailboat racing has been a summer fixture for the club since 1983. In 2004 the series was renamed “Fast Sail” in recognition of our fun, easy-going approach to racing, with boats starting within a 10-minute time window and keeping their own times. The John Donnelly Fast Sail Trophy honors John Donnelly, long-time club member and the mastermind of the current format. It is awarded annually to the winner of the DIYC Fast Sail series.

Here are the past winners:

1983: JALEPENO, Don Scammel
1984: ARIES, Rudy Reinecke
1985: TARTEN TEN, William Joyce
1986: AKYAM, Dan Mayke
1987: SPIRIT, Chris White
1988: AUDACIOS, Ray Miner
1989: AKYAM, Dan Mayka
1990: PURSUIT, Dan Mayka
1991: GULLIBLE, Paul Lundberg
1992: PHASE IV, Terry Watson
1993: WEST WIND, Bonnie West
1994: WEST WIND, John West
1995: ARIEITA, Doug Purdy
1996: GULLIBLE, Paula Lundberg
1998: VIGILANT, William Bandish
1999: LA REVE D’EAU, Scott Fitzsimmons
2000: SUMMER LOVE 2, Gene Raymond
2004: ATALHEA, Wendy Friant
2005: SEMPER FI, John Bootle & Fred Loy
2005: ABSOLUTE, Steve Ramsey
2006: KAIZEN, Tracy & Jeff Tobrocke
2007: KAIZEN, Tracy & Jeff Tobrocke
2008: SPIRIT, Steve Koch
2009: DRAGONFLY, John Beal
2010: SPIRIT, Steve Koch
2011: DRAGONFLY, John Beal
2012: DRAGONFLY, John Beal
2013: SPIRIT, Steve Koch
2014: DRAGONFLY, John Beal
2015: SPIRIT, Steve Koch, Susan DeSimone, Roger Wallace
2016: Tie: SPIRIT, Steve Koch, Susan DeSimone, Roger Wallace; TWIG, Fritz Martin
2017: L’IL BOT. Benedek Erdos
2018: L’IL BOT, Benedek Erdos
2019: NIX, Jim Moody
2020: DRAGONFLY, John Beal
2021: EXIT STRATEGY, Jerry & Sharon Henrichon
2022: BLEW SKY, Chip Kaupp
2023: SLINGSHOT, Fritz & Betsy Martin