[ NEW! Fast Sail Results for 2024 ]

Attention all Diamond Island Yacht Club sailors! Mark your calendars, you are invited to participate in the Diamond Island Yacht Club 2024 Fast Sail Series. See the dates below for our race events!

For those of you who have never taken part in Fast Sails, this is your invitation to join us; it’s simple, safe, and a welcoming way to get introduced to friendly competition and relaxed race rules.

To make the events competitive, boats are handicapped using the Lake Champlain PHRF rating system. To get your boat rated, download an application here, then email it to Benedek Erdos at erdosben@gmail.com. Benedek is DIYC’s liaison to the LC PHRF committee and will work to give you a rating, which is required for Fast Sails. Note: The maximum head sail size allowed is a 155% genoa (no spinnakers permitted). Fast Sail races typically start at our red/green marks in Town Farm Bay near Dean Island, just off Point Bay Marina, at 10:30 a.m.

There are multiple courses, depending on the wind strength and direction, including the two basic long and short courses found here: DIYC Fast Sail Courses (PDF). The Fast Sail team has also established Alternate Finish Lines (PDF) in case race courses need to be altered due to changes in weather conditions. The course and start times will be announced over the radio (VHF Channel 8). DIYC loosely follows the racing rules of sailing, (a great summary of the changes to the racing rules in the 2021-2024 edition from the prior one can be found by clicking here). Note that we began allowing the use of autopilots during the pandemic sailing season of 2021, when many of us were sailing short-handed, and we will start the 2024 racing season with that local tweak to the racing rules still in place. Fast Sails absolutely follow boating rights of way, and most importantly follow good sportsmanship. The Fast Sail captain’s decisions on the rules are final.

Wednesday Evening Race: This season we will continue having one mid-week Fast Sail race, scheduled for Wednesday, June 5. Since the Race Committee discards one race per season, if you cannot make the midweek race it will not affect your score. If turnout is good, we will expand this.

Captains’ Meeting: Captains’ meetings are often held before races, at the DIYC tent. The race committee will also make announcements 15 minutes prior to the start of each race on VHF Channel 8. The list of race dates appears below. Announcements will include the course to be sailed and any other information. Please be sure to monitor your radio throughout the race for special announcements.

Report Race Results: Please text your race times to Jim Moody, our Fast Sail captain for 2024, at 802-989-8718 or email them to Jim at jimbmoody@gmail.com. Make sure to include your name, your boat’s name, and your start and finish times. Race results will be posted on our website. Final series rankings are often determined by seconds—so pay close attention to your time keeping as the competition is heating up!

Fast Sail Schedule for 2024

Race DateDayStart TimeStart LocationRace Name
1May 25Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm Bay
2June 5Wednesday6 p.m.Town Farm BayEvening Fast Sail
3June 22Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm Bay
4July 14Sunday11 a.m.Rock DunderBurlington Pursuit
5July 20Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm Bay
Aug. 10 & 11Saturday & SundayNo Fast Sail PointsTown Farm BayDiamond Island Regatta & Split Rock Race
6Aug. 17Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm BayWestport Pursuit
7Aug. 24Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm Bay
8Sept. 14Saturday10:30 a.m.Town Farm Bay
Sept. 21SaturdayNo Fast Sail PointsTown Farm BayCidertini Challenge

Special Notes

Post Race Raft-ups: Raft-ups are part of a long tradition of camaraderie for the Fast Sail program, one we will continue to encourage.

Time Tracking: Seconds often make the difference in how racers place in the season race standings. Our club’s racing culture is one of relaxed competition and a place to learn from humble experts seasoned in deep water open lake sailing. We respectfully ask you to keep very close track of your start and finish times. The race committee will take random time-checks to be sure reported times are as accurate as possible. Our goals are to sharpen our skills and promote fair competition.

Boating Safety: Let’s stay safe on the lake. We have been fortunate past races have not seen any boating incidents. Make sure your boat is up to Coast Guard regulations. Report any and all racing incidents to the Fast Sail Captain.