Savages no more!

On Saturday, March 20, as the sun crept over the Equator bringing a warm spectacular summer to Lake Champlain, your Board of Directors gathered to choose a new name for our club. We are now The Diamond Island Yacht Club.

As we discussed at great length, this decision is both a good thing to stop denigrating indigenous Americans and it is an opportunity to communicate through our name who and where we are.

Our new logo and signage illustrate our location, looking down the lake from Town Farm Bay, palisades on the right, Diamond Island with its navigation beacon in the middle, a bright sunny day. The diamond and beacon will replace the gunboat as our club icon on our burgee. Fritz Martin is the wizard who so ably captured the essence of our club.

We will plan a formal announcement of our new identity for warmer weather. Don’t throw your old burgee away. They will be honored as evidence of membership this summer while we design and stock the new ones.

We are posting the 2021 calendar this week on our website so that we can all plan our summer. Many of these events can be done safely like they were last year such as Fast Sails and Cruise Week. But rest assured that no event will happen unless it can be done within the rigorous guidelines in place at that time. Safety will be priority one.

In this crazy new reality, boating is one of the safest forms of recreation. Let’s hope that vaccinations and safety procedures will allow us to share our love of boats and our lake this summer.

— Will Patten
M/V Rosie