And that’s a wrap!  Thanks to all racers and their crews for a great 2018 season  Congratuations to Benedek Erdos- the winner of this year’s Fast Sail Series.  I hope everyone will attend RSYC’s Change of Watch dinner in October.


Welcome to the 2018 RSYC Results page. Preliminary results are listed below. Points will be awarded based on the number of boats that finish the race plus one point. For instance, if in a  race there are ten starters and nine finishers, the winner will receive 11 points toward the Donnelly Cup, the second place boat received 10 points, etc.  All boats that start receive one point for competing whether they finish or not. If a boat starts and finishes, it will receive at least 2 points. The Sailwave formula is F+2-P (finishers + 2 points – place). DNF (Did Not Finish) = 1 point.  The two lowest scores for each boat, including DNC’s, will be tossed out at the end of the season.

please contact Roger if you have any questions.

Results are provisional- Sept 17th @ 1:33PM EDT

An error in the scoring formula has been recently corrected. Results for the most recent race and the overall scoring show the correct points.  Points shown in individual tables for prior races will be updated as time allows.


Sailed: 8, Discards: 0, To count: 8, Rating system: PHRF, Scoring system: Custom High Point
RankBoatHelmNameRating5/26/20186/2/20186/16/2018Wesport Pursuit7/28/2018BTV Pursuit9/1/20189/15/2018TotalDrop 2 Low
1stLil’ BotBenedek Erdos16811613DNCDNC8895555
2ndBlew SkyChip Kaupp174DNCDNC119107585050
3rdEtoile-D’ArgentCinthia Audet753591195455144
4thRespitePeter Chornyak16878DNC108DNC644343
4thTwigFritz Martin21912410DNC7DNCDNCDNC3333
6thExit StrategyGerry & Sharon Henrichon156DNCDNC6763.57231.531.5
7thRavenWendy Friant2015378DNC3.5DNCDNC26.526.5
8thSpiritSteve Koch141DNCDNCDNCDNC116DNC72424
9thSweet DreamSandy Jacobs1081.0 DNF712DNC1.0 DNFDNC3DNC2424
10thNixJim Moody18310DNC51.0 DNFDNCDNCDNCDNC1616
11thMackinacTim Etchells174DNCDNC8DNCDNCDNCDNC61414
12thTalsimanLes Velte1209DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC99
12thWild OatsJohn Huling150DNCDNC1.0 DNFDNC5DNCDNC399
14thSalsaSean Linskey159DNCDNCDNC34DNC2DNC99
16thPathfinderR Wallace & S DeSimone150DNCDNCDNC6DNC1.0 DNFDNCDNC77
18thWalkaboutBob Kirbach180DNCDNCDNC5DNCDNCDNCDNC55
18thBrizoMike Crowley1714DNCDNCDNC1.0 DNFDNCDNCDNC55
20thKnot AgainGary Russell165DNCDNC4DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC44
23rdCoquinaJohn & Mindy Donnelly186DNCDNC1.0 DNFDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC11

9-15-18 – Fast Sail – Short Course

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Wind –
Lil’ BotBenedek Erdos1681:27:461:11:159
Blew SkyChip Kaupp1741:31:201:14:138
SpiritSteve Koch1411:29:161:15:247
MackinacTim Etchells1741:36:501:19:436
Etoile-D’ArgentCinthia Audet751:32:391:25:175
RespitePeter Chornyak1681:43:371:27:064
Wild OatsJohn Huling1501:43:141:28:293
Exit StrategyGerry & Sharon Henrichon1561:44:521:29:322

9-1-18 – Fast Sail – Long Course

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Wind – 15+ Kts
Lil’ BotBenedek Erdos1681:39:381:14:26
Exit StrategyGerry & Sharon Henrichon1561:38:021:14:38
RespitePeter Chornyak1681:41:151:16:03
Blew SkyChip Kaupp1741:49:161:23:10
Etoile-D’ArgentCinthia Audet751:35:111:23:56
Sweet DreamSandy Jacobs1081:40:471:24:35
SalsaSean Linskey1591:51:001:27:09

8-12-18 – burlington pursuit

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Wind – dying during race
LIL’ BOTSantana 2023RBenedek Erdos1687
BLEW SKYCapri 25Chip Kaupp1746
SPIRITPearson FlyerSteve Koch1415
ETOILE-D’ARGENTDufour 40Cinthia Audet754
EXIT STRATEGYO’Day 35Jerry & Sharon Henrichon1563.5
RAVENDufour 3Wendy Friant2013.5
PATHFINDERBristol 38.8Wallace/DeSimone1501

7-28-18 – Town Farm Bay at 10:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 10:30 am, Distance: 9 NM, Course: Long course, Wind dir: S, Ave wind: 6
SpiritSteve Koch1412:37:502:16:41
Blew SkyChip Kaupp1742:43:032:16:57
Etoile-D’ArgentCinthia Audet752:37:102:25:55
RespitePeter Chornyak1682:52:002:26:48
TwigFritz Martin2193:00:082:27:17
Exit StrategyGerry & Sharon Henrichon1562:52:492:29:25
Wild OatsJohn Huling1502:57:052:34:35
SalsaSean Linskey1593:07:002:43:09
BrizoMike Crowley171DNFDNF
Sweet DreamSandy Jacobs108DNFDNF

7-21-18 – Town Farm Bay at 10:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 10:30 am, Distance: 8.22NM, Course:  Westport Long, Wind dir: S, Ave wind: 8

BoatClassHelmNameRatingWesport Pursuit
Etoile-D’ArgentDufour 40Cinthia Audet7510
RespiteTartan 37Peter Chornyak1689
Blew SkyCapri 25Chip Kaupp1748
RavenDufour 31Wendy Friant2017
Exit StrategyO’Day 35Jerry & Sharon Henrichon1566
PathfinderBristol 38.8Roger Wallace & Susan DeSimone1505
WalkaboutBob Kirbach1804
SalsaSean Linskey1592
NixJ-22 ODRJim Moody1831.0 DNF

6-16-18 – Town Farm Bay at 11:00

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 10:30 am, Distance: 5.9NM, Course: Short course, Wind dir: S, Ave wind: 2

Lil’ BotSantana 2023RBenedek Erdos1682:15:541:59:23
Sweet DreamAlerion Sport 33Sandy Jacobs1082:15:492:05:12
Blew SkyCapri 25Chip Kaupp1742:27:002:09:53
TwigC&C 25-2Fritz Martin2192:31:322:10:00
Etoile-D’ArgentDufour 40Cinthia Audet752:18:272:11:05
MackinacPearson 32Tim Etchells1742:41:002:23:53
RavenDufour 31Wendy Friant2012:50:562:31:10
Exit StrategyO’Day 35Gerry & Sharon Henrichon1562:48:552:33:35
NixJ-22 ODRJim Moody1832:54:462:36:46
Knot AgainMirage 35Gary Russell1653:03:242:47:11
Wild OatsMorgan 38-2John Huling150DNFDNF
CoquinaCabo Rico 38John & Mindy Donnelly186DNFDNF

6-2-18 – Town Farm Bay at 10:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 10:30 am, Distance: 9 NM, Course: Long course, Wind dir: N, Ave wind: 17
RespiteTartan 37Peter Chornyak1681:47:161:22:04
Sweet DreamAlerion Sport 33Sandy Jacobs1081:44:331:28:21
Lil’ BotSantana 2023RBenedek Erdos1681:53:381:28:26
Etoile-D’ArgentDufour 40Cinthia Audet751:42:171:31:02
TwigC&C 25-2Fritz Martin2192:05:391:32:48
RavenDufour 31Wendy Friant2012:13:051:42:56
?Tanzer 22Mike Werner2402:22:101:46:10

5-26-18 – Town Farm Bay at 11:00

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 11:00 am, Distance: 5.9NM, Course: Short course, Wind dir: NW, Ave wind: 6

TwigC&C 25-2Fritz Martin2191:45:221:23:50
Lil’ BotSantana 2023RBenedek Erdos1681:40:531:24:22
NixJ-22 ODRJim Moody1831:45:331:27:33
TalsimanPeterson 34Les Velte1201:41:401:29:52
MuseJ-37cDoug Friant871:45:161:36:43
RespiteTartan 37Peter Chornyak1681:54:561:38:25
WingsEricson 38-2 WK1471:55:501:41:23
RavenDufour 31Wendy Friant2012:02:161:42:30
BrizoBeneteau 361Mike Crowley1712:00:371:43:48
Etoile-D’ArgentDufour 40Cinthia Audet751:55:201:47:58
Sweet DreamAlerion Sport 33Sandy Jacobs108DNFDNF